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Tough Love?

Bobby Knight: Tough Love or Abuse? Per Todd Jadlow who played basketball  Bobby Knight: >> Knight once had managers tape explicit photos of female genitalia inside Daryl Thomas’ locker, and that Knight threw tampons at Thomas. >>Knight once grabbed Thomas by the neck on a plane ride home after a loss. >> During a walk-through

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Harvard University

Good School System? Good College? Who Takes the Credit?

Harvard would have you believe they are responsible for the academic and career achievements of their students.  That’s bullshit.  The only thing Harvard can take credit for is recruiting top students that would be successful whether they went to Harvard or Dusty Shoe Vo-Tech.  Parents worry about putting their children into “good” school districts.  Well,

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Simple Lies vs Nuanced Truth

Embrace Nuanced Truth over Simple Lies

Embracing complexity builds confidence. Seeking the truth demands thoughtful consideration and nuanced understanding. However, cults lure in followers with simplistic lies, perpetuated by charismatic leaders who promote polarized worldviews. Members of such groups feel esteemed by their perceived access to exclusive knowledge. This tendency towards simplistic thinking at the expense of intellectual depth extends beyond

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floating prison

A Cruise Ship Is A Floating Prison

I Would Rather Have A Colonoscopy Than Go On A Cruise Ship-Here’s Why   Perhaps it’s being too generous to call a cruise ship a floating prison.  In prisons, you won’t get so seasick that you feel like shooting yourself to avoid nausea.  And in prisons, the beds and bathrooms are larger and more comfortable.   That

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Hate Work-Love Your Funeral - Conflict

Hate Work-Love Your Funeral

Have you noticed at funerals, there is rarely a picture of the deceased at work? This is a vivid example of one of the great paradoxes of the life we live…we invest the majority of our time and emotional capital in our jobs, but when we die, people finally get real and they could care

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Warehouse Grocery Stores-More is Less - Grocery store

Warehouse Grocery Stores-More is Less

We are forced to buy three items instead of one.  We save a little on the price, but much of what we buy is never used.  Sicko. Warehouse stores are a symbol of the sicko consumption addition of Americans.   We feel fulfilled by buying way more than we need, and we justify by saying boy

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