floating prison

A Cruise Ship Is A Floating Prison

I Would Rather Have A Colonoscopy Than Go On A Cruise Ship-Here’s Why


Perhaps it’s being too generous to call a cruise ship a floating prison.  In prisons, you won’t get so seasick that you feel like shooting yourself to avoid nausea.  And in prisons, the beds and bathrooms are larger and more comfortable.  

That said,  a cruise ship is similar to a prison in that you have no freedom or ability to leave or escape.  Independent thinking and actions are discouraged.  You must go with the flow.

The weekly rate on a cruise ship is much higher than the cost of staying in prison for a week.

Cruise ships want you to think they have five different restaurants, but actually, the food comes from the same kitchen and the same Sysco truck.   Of course, when you are seasick you lose your appetite.  

If you were healthy when you boarded the cruise, you more likely than not will be sick when the cruise is over.  

But wait, there are ports of call.  Am you really a prisoner?   Pretty much.  Do you enjoy being herded like cattle with thousands of other passengers off the floating prison onto a dock with vendors pressuring you to buy their stuff?  Is that relaxing?  Or what about the people on the ship trying to sell you stuff?

Cruise ships don’t want you to think or decide what you want to do.  They will tell you how to dress, where and when to go to various annoying events, and when to act happy.  You are controlled like an employee.  You will act like you are having fun to fit in with all the others pretending to have fun.

Personally, I would take a colonoscopy over a cruise ship aka floating prison any day of the week. 

The advantages of the colonoscopy experience are that the people are sincere, the bed you are laying in won’t rock and make you seasick,  and you are medicated enough so that you don’t remember what would be an otherwise unpleasant experience if you were conscious. 

Nobody cares if you fart.

You are free to leave after the procedure, and you don’t have to travel far.  The dress code is casual and relaxed.  

It’s the clear choice.

floating prison

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