Texting Addiction and Misunderstanding

Texting: Addiction and Misunderstandings

Receiving and sending texts triggers dopamine in our brain, and addictive reward hormone. Not receiving an expected text triggers the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. Dopamine and cortisol create a cycle of pleasure and pain.  Addiction.  Even with emojis, text messages create confusion about the meaning and emotion of a message, causing painful misunderstandings […]

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Aldi Grocery Store Sucks

Aldis Grocery Store: It Sucks

Aldis Sucks! Wanna Know Why? You are charged if you need a shopping bag You need quarters to use a shopping cart The checkout lines are long The food quality is poor The produce section looks like it has storm damage They don’t have what you need or want The cheapest food is often the

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Upset Stomachs On Cruise Ship

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Dawn is currently quarantined off the coast of Mauritius with a reported stomach illness onboard. “During Norwegian Dawn’s Feb. 13, 2024 South Africa voyage, a small number of guests experienced mild symptoms of a stomach-related illness. Upon the ship’s return to Port Louis, Mauritius, the vessel’s management team met with local authorities

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Tough Love? Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight: Tough Love or Abuse? Per Todd Jadlow who played basketball  Bobby Knight: >> Knight once had managers tape explicit photos of female genitalia inside Daryl Thomas’ locker, and that Knight threw tampons at Thomas. >>Knight once grabbed Thomas by the neck on a plane ride home after a loss. >> During a walk-through

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Simple Lies vs Nuanced Truth

Embrace Nuanced Truth over Simple Lies

Embracing complexity builds confidence. Seeking the truth demands thoughtful consideration and nuanced understanding. However, cults lure in followers with simplistic lies, perpetuated by charismatic leaders who promote polarized worldviews. Members of such groups feel esteemed by their perceived access to exclusive knowledge. This tendency towards simplistic thinking at the expense of intellectual depth extends beyond

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