gender identity pronouns

Gender Identity Pronouns-Standing On A Whale Fishing For Minnows

Let’s say you are standing in a literal shit storm.

What would you focus on?  An umbrella to shelter you from the shit falling on your head, or gender identity pronouns like her, his, etc? 

What is going to make you wealthy, healthy, and happy?

What is the shit storm that is sucking the life out of you

Its capitalism.

What is capitalism doing to you?  Ridiculously high growth requirements and taking away your time and your physical and mental health.   And it’s giving all the money to a few, and leaving most of us struggling to pay bills.  In short, impossible growth goals combined with wealth concentration.

Why don’t we focus on changing capitalism?   Or would you rather get your gender identity pronouns exactly the way you and others want to be identified?

Hard choice?  

Not for a Lifehacker that values clear thinking. 

gender identity pronouns
As Joseph Cambell says, we are standing on a whale fishing for minnows.

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