Harvard University

Good School System? Good College? Who Takes the Credit?

Harvard would have you believe they are responsible for the academic and career achievements of their students.  That’s bullshit.  The only thing Harvard can take credit for is recruiting top students that would be successful whether they went to Harvard or Dusty Shoe Vo-Tech. 

Parents worry about putting their children into “good” school districts.  Well, yes some districts perform better, but the teachers and administration can’t take much credit.   “Good” school districts draw students from privileged communities and households.  Whether these students attend a top-rated suburban school or a troubled inner-city school, they will perform about the same in school and in life. This is especially true now that it’s not in style to teach values, character and discipline in the schools for fear of violating the students’ rights or damaging their fragile self-esteem. 

Can you say pre-determinism? 

  • Good households make for good students.
  • Good students make for good schools and colleges.
  • Good employees make for a successful boss.
  • Good athletes make for a successful coach. 
  • You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit..
  • Only Jesus is able to turn water into wine. 
Harvard University
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