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Hideout Investigations Is A Scam

Hideout Investigations

This website is a scam:

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Here is the Email I received:

how this needs to work, on my behalf. As you can see, I can spend a decent
amount of time drilling down the essentials needed to initially find her. After
that, it can also take some time to find the information you seek. That being
said, I cant guarantee the results you seek here. I can only do what I do
best in attempts to get it for you. The only guarantee I can provide is
that I will work on this the best I can and use all the tools I have available
to do so. I have some cool tools in my belt for these things. I do have some
more questions for you, if you choose to proceed with me working on this for


generally work on an hourly fee basis in cases such as these. My hourly rate is
150. I do require a four hour minimum. That is all inclusive to the tools I
have available and those are all included at no additional charge. One being
license plate recognition, which can prove to be one of the most valuable tools
to many of my cases. Does she drive? If not, she has to be riding with someone
that does. I can retroactively pull data on a vehicle up to 3 years, to include
residential, retail and roadways. I can typically determine employment
locations, residential addresses of where the subject is either living or
just staying temporarily. I can generally figure out quite a bit with this
tool. But, yet again, this isn’t full proof. Some states only retain data
for weeks while others are years. Some cities have less cameras than others.
You just never know until you get into the case and work on it. 


charge anywhere from 225-450 just for one of those reports, sold alone. So it
being part of my hourly fee on a case like this is very beneficial to both of


can send you an invoice if you want to proceed. Subsequent hours if needed are
discounted to 100/hr. I dont see that being needed in this case, but you never
fully know what will happen. 


let me know if you’d like to proceed and I will send you an invoice to get it

there a timeframe you are wishing to have this completed in, or are you
flexible? I am working on other cases currently but could start and hopefully
finish your case first of next week. If there is an emergent component to this,
please let me know and I can see what I can arrange for you. 


let me know what you think! Talk soon




Denver, Co.






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