Hate Work-Love Your Funeral - Conflict

Five Reasons Work Life Balance is a Contradiction in Terms

Definition of Work Life Balance

What is work life balance?   How it is defined and measured?  This post will answer that question.

Work life balance is like jumbo shrimp, small problem and military ingelligence.  It does not exist. 


Are you your job and your title?  At least until you get laid off, fired, or you move on?  Silly.

Do you live to work, or work to live?  I bet its the former, eh?

Capitalism Sucks the Life Out of You

You are playing a game with rules that require unrealistic growth in sales and profits.  No wonder you feel so stressed and empty.


Life Values and The Score Card

Who is keeping score?  Who it setting your values and priorities?  It it your company/boss or you?

Taking Back Power

Do you have the strength to not care so much about something you invest so much time in?  Can you say Paradox?


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